Usage and attitudes (U&A)

Our U&A allows you to identify new business niches as well as improve product strategies that increase engagement with your target market. Personali...

Brand Awareness Checkup

Do a fast checkup of your brand's health status. Understand your position in relation to your competitors in terms of brand awareness, memorability,...

Product Concept Test

Delve into the weaknesses and strengths of a concept to emerge with the product that will win over the market. Show your consumers your product idea...

Creative Concept Test

Show your consumers your proposals for names, slogans, and packaging designs so their reactions may increase the success of your creative efforts. K...

Ideal Product Features

Discover the optimal product configuration for creating the most attractive and profitable offer on the market. Improve the design of your product a...

Geo-Strategic Modeling OMEN

Predict how much your sale point will sell, the best expansion route, or understand in detail the surrounding context of your sales points.

Brand Tracker

Understand the behavior of your brand within a determined time span. Ideal for measuring the efficiency of your publicity efforts and quickly implem...

Brand Buzz Tracker

Employ social listening to track influencers and what impacts your brand's online reputation in real-time.

TV Ad-Tracker

Monitor your competitors' TV-ad strategies in real-time and adapt your own to compete.

Benchmark Competitivo

Identify and analyze the principle competitors of your segment, their products, services, and value propositions.