Competitive Benchmark

Competitive Benchmark

$640 USD

The Competitive Benchmark is a desk research study designed for you to get to know the competitors of a category or specific product. The researchers carrying out the study draw from public access sources with a prior analysis of veracity and coherence.

Why choose it?

  • All of our studies have an internal quality control process to provide our clients with validated information at different levels corresponding to study depth

  • Our competitive price allows you to expand the study to know your competition by company and by product

  • Our delivery times are faster than our competitors'

  • Our Data Visualization makes insights easily understandable and shareable

The Competitive Benchmark contains:

Main Modules

  • Competitor Radiography
  • Product Portfolio
  • Communication Strategy
  • Commercialization Strategy
  • Comparative Analysis of Competitors

Exploratory Study

Provides basic indicators from each main module for each of the businesses monitored in the study, supplying indicators such as: 

  • Standard and star products
  • Digital media penetration
  • Competitor's best practices
  • Standard and star products
  • Digital media penetration
  • Competitor's best practices

Intermediate Study

A version that analysis at greater depth competitors' business models and identifies strategic partners; includes the information from the exploratory study in addition to: 

Additional Modules: 

  • Pricing analysis
  • Digital customer journey
  • Physical or telephonic customer journey
Additional Indicators:
  • *Market share
  • Business model by competitor
  • Detailed product descriptions, customer focused
  • Promotions,  payment methods, and payment plans
  • Active advertising campaigns and digital reputation
*subject to the availability of information

Detailed Study

Offers a deeper analysis than the modules of the Intermediate Study, as well as adding the following indicators: 

  • Differentiators in the business model
  • *Production data
  • *Sales
  • *Number of clients
  • Featured product categories
  • Product innovation
  • Packages and warranties
  • Price comparison by commercialization channel
  • Brand Identity
  • Events and brand activations
  • Conditions or market context

*subject to the availability of information

The results will enable you to... 


  • New competitors by category or product
  • Value propositions of competitors
  • Category transformations

Design, maintain, reinforce, or redesign strategies for:

  • Pricing
  • Communication


  • The efficiency of brand messages reflected in the Call to Action 
  • The behavior of a category by country

Atlantia Search has refined its secondary study methodology, systematizing the indicators that are compared across the multitude of companies that populate an industry. We have quality controls that ensure the veracity of the information.