Tv Ad Tracker

Tv Ad Tracker

$540 USD

TV Ad Tracker monitors the advertising activity of your company or the competition and displays the data in an easily understood way through a user-friendly dashboard. As "tracker" would imply, the information it collects is updated constantly, providing relevant information for informed decision making. We take digital television signals and using audio, image, and video recognition tools we automatically track when a brand is being shown or mentioned. 

Why choose it?

  • You can do your tracking from a user-friendly dashboard where it's easy to take insights directly from the compiled data

  • Our competitive price allows you to evaluate your creative material as many times as necessary without affecting your campaign budget

A dashboard that updates in real time, daily, or weekly, and contains: 

Main  Indicators:

  • Volume of airings by brand, campaign, or product
  • Comparative share of airings
  • Volume of scheduled ads by brand, campaign, or product
  • Average durations of ads by brand, campaign, or product

You can monitor multiple brands and topics of interest.

With our TV Ad Tracker you'll be able to...

  • Identify and quantify the ads of your competitors
  • Design, maintain, reinforce, or redesign media strategies 
  • Evaluate the televised media strategy of your competition and compare it with your own

Decidata’s ® methodology for the TV AD Tracker is based on cutting-edge tech for real time data gathering and monitoring of all ads that air for a given brand or company. The methodologies and technologies employed in the TV AD Tracker include:

  • Data Extraction Bots: Developed specifically for the extraction of televised content, these bots allow the procurement of the needed data for later processing by recognition algorithms

  • Recognition Algorithms: Decidata’s® specialized algorithms enables the real time identification of any ad that airs on TV,  while also cataloging the time slot, channel, ad name, brand, and many other data

  • Automated Data Processing: All of the data is processed and analyzed automatically, which is then presented in real time on our dashboard in a an easily understandable format