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Eye Tracking Shelf Evaluation (ETSE) From

$5 130 USD

*In standard configuration

Shelf evaluation with eye tracking

Geo Analytics From

$4 800 USD

*In standard configuration

Territorial market analysis tool, which analyzes demographic and population consumption patterns. Through the superposition of layers of inf...

Smart labeling From

$2 800 USD

*In standard configuration

Evaluate your different value propositions of your products and identify those that have the greatest impact on your consumers in terms of b...

Usage and Attitudes (U&A) From

$5 115 USD

*In standard configuration

Know your consumer and shopper. Understand the consumption trends of the category and/or brand. Profile your consumers and shoppers based on...

Brand Awareness Checkup From

$4 542.9 USD

*In standard configuration

The Brand Awareness Checkup allows you to monitor positioning metrics of a brand or set of brands within a category; its commonly known as a...

Brand Tracker From

$4 106.85 USD

*In standard configuration

Brand Tracker is a modular product for monitoring your brand health efforts (communications, advertising, customer experience, and customer ...

Product Concept Test From

$2 920 USD

*In standard configuration

The Product Concept Test will evaluate the acceptance of an idea or product regardless of its current phase of iteration. You'll get action...

Ideal Product Features From

$8 770.3 USD

*In standard configuration

The Ideal Product Features study uses a mathematical model to give predictive results regarding the acceptance of rejection of a product or ...

Creative Concept Test From

$3 743 USD

*In standard configuration

Creative Concept Test is meant to evaluate the creative components of your advertising campaigns regardless of its stage of progress; it cou...

Social Buzz Monitor From

$638 USD

*In standard configuration

Social Buzz Monitor es la herramienta de Social Listening más completa del mercado. Te permite conocer la salud de tu marca y de la competen...

Automated Shelf Audit From

$16 254 USD

*In standard configuration

Automated shel audit will allow you to understand how your shelf is behaving at POS, the current rotation of your exhibited products, if you...

Retail Coach From

$1 950 USD

*In standard configuration

Evaluate the quality of the service received by your buyers at the point of purchase, identify what effect it has on your purchase decision,...

SI Test From

$4 210.53 USD

*In standard configuration

Know the impact and acceptance of your marketing strategies at the point of purchase: your new products, distribution, accommodation, etc. M...

SI Shopper Behavior From

$12 631.58 USD

*In standard configuration

We identify the areas of opportunity with the greatest impact on sales, service and the shopping experience at the point of sale. We observe...

Visitor Tracking From

$315.79 USD

*In standard configuration

Discover the true sales potential of your stores by monitoring the number of people traveling in front of them in relation to the sales you ...

Concept test for SMB From

$640 USD

*In standard configuration

Concept test for SMB is a product that will allow you identify what works and what not of your product or concept proposal for the market by...

Brand Awareness for SMB From

$640 USD

*In standard configuration

The Brand Awareness for SMB is a product that will allow you understand the brands from your category in order to generate a better value pr...

Consumer profile for SMB From

$650 USD

*In standard configuration

Understand and identify your potential consumer and the consumer of similar products in order to generate better sales, communications and p...

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