Usage and Attitudes (U&A)

$3 765 USD

Know your consumer and shopper. Understand the consumption trends of the category and/or brand. Profile your consumers and shoppers based on...

Brand Awareness Checkup

$4 542.9 USD

The Brand Awareness Checkup allows you to monitor positioning metrics of a brand or set of brands within a category; its commonly known as a...

Brand Tracker

$4 106.85 USD

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}Brand Tracker is a modular product for monitoring your ...

Product Concept Test

$3 190 USD

The Product Concept Test will evaluate the acceptance of an idea or product regardless of its current phase of iteration. You'll get action...

Ideal Product Features

$8 770.3 USD

The Ideal Product Features study uses a mathematical model to give predictive results regarding the acceptance of rejection of a product or ...

Creative Concept Test

$3 743 USD

Creative Concept Test is meant to evaluate the creative components of your advertising campaigns regardless of its stage of progress; it cou...

Social Buzz Monitor

$6 890.4 USD

Social Buzz Monitor es la herramienta de Social Listening más completa del mercado. Te permite conocer la salud de tu marca y de la competen...

Automated Shelf Audit

$16 254 USD

Automated Shelf Audit will allow you to understand how your shelf is behaving at POS, the current rotation of your exhibited products, if yo...

Retail Coach

$1 950 USD



$4 210.53 USD


SI Descubre

$12 631.58 USD


Visitor Tracking

$315.79 USD


Concept test for SMB

$640 USD

Concept test for SMB is a product that will allow you identify what works and what not of your product or concept proposal for the market by...

Brand Awareness for SMB

$640 USD

The Brand Awareness for SMB is a product that will allow you understand the brands from your category in order to generate a better value pr...

Consumer profile for SMB

$650 USD

Understand and identify your potential consumer and the consumer of similar products in order to generate better sales, communications and p...

Competitive Benchmark

$723 USD

The Competitive Benchmark is a desk research study designed for you to get to know the competitors of a category or specific product. The re...

Tv Ad Tracker

$540 USD

TV Ad Tracker monitors the advertising activity of your company or the competition and displays the data in an easily understood way through...